5 Pet Friendly House Plants For Pet Lovers

5 Pet Friendly House Plants For Pet Lovers

At least once a day the phones rings with someone on the other end asking if we carry pet friendly house plants and that their dog (or cat) has unfortunately ingested one of their plants and has or had become very ill. Because most of us have grown up watching our fur babies gnaw on grass blades in the backyard we don't make the connection that some plants, indoor and out, can be dangerous to our pets and some are even poisonous. I've listed below 5 pet-friendly plants and 5 popular house plants that are not so pet friendly. And yes -- Wet My Plant carries all of them.

5 Pet Friendly House Plants

Calathea Rattlesnake Plant

1. Calathea Rattlesnake Plant

At the top of the list is one of our personal favorites. The Calathea Rattlesnake is a burst of vibrant and tremendous color that will add not only depth but a bit of sophistication to your home. And guess what she's a fan of low-light spaces and has a fairly easy watering schedule to keep track of. 

Spider Plant

2. Spider Plant

The Spider Plant is not only non-toxic to your pets but will also remove toxins from your home or office and purify the air. Side note -- these also make fabulous hanging planters for your outdoor patio or balcony. It has been said that these are ideal plants for beginners or those with "black thumbs". Again, super easy to grow and maintain. 

Ponytail Palm

3. Ponytail Palm

A Ponytail Palm can start small but grow to great heights so keep that in mind if you plan on seeing this baby through. This palm can become your cat's new BFF if you're okay with him/her swatting at the drapings.


4. Haworthia Succulent

If you're a fan of the mini Haworthia, Echeveria, Aloe or Air Plants you will definitely not have to worry as they are 100% pet friendly. Please note -- not all succulents and cacti are pet friendly. 

Bird's Nest Fern

5. Bird's Nest Fern

I leave my Bird's Next on the kitchen counter by back door and she's happy as a clam there. She get's all the bright indirect morning light. I will say, while your pets might not be the worry here, direct sun or uneven watering schedules will be. This is a plant that like filtered light and to stay even moist but never soggy.

Rounding out the list we want to add the list of popular plants we all love that can be toxin to cats and dogs. 

  • Rubber Plant
  • Monstera
  • Elephant Ear
  • Croton
  • Dumb Cane

Heart breaking I know but this doesn't mean you have to rid your house of these house plants. The toxicity will vary by plant and on your pet itself and how much they've ingested. Be sure to do some research before investing in your indoor jungle and just know there are pet-friendly options.

If you have questions or are unclear. Give us a call or stop in, and we'd be happy to show you options and educate you on plant care and maintenance.