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Did you know that simply living among plants or having them in your work space can reduce stress, boost your attention span, and help you focus? Pretty neat, huh? Whether you’re a plant enthusiast or not, the human body instinctively seeks out plants and “green” spaces in an effort to recalibrate the mind and body. 

'Interior landscaping’ or #plantstyling might feel like a recent trend but believe it or not, it's backed by real science and research. Living among plants can have substantial effects on our well-being; making us happier, healthier, and more productive.

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    Great selection of plants and very helpful! Amazing how they package the plants so well for shipping!


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    I love this shop, legitimately wish I could live here. It’s so fun to come in and see all the new plant babies every week! I just bought a Raven ZZ plant and a Calathea Lanciflora and they are thrivingggg! I will def be back for more 😍


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    My plants arrived in excellent conditon and were even bigger then I was expecting! I'm definitely a customer for life.


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